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Friday 18 November 2011

The Good and The Bad

Yesterday I went to see the doctor for my 1 year check up.

The bad news was I weighed 1/2 kg more than last time - but I had just spent 28 nights in hotels and that was pretty good. Over all I have lost 33 kg, I did have a target of 40 kg but I am happy with where I am.

The doctor was really pleased and said the fact that I has stabilised for so long he didn't need to see me again. We had a lovely chat about the changes it had made to my life.

The dietitian is still worried I eat the wrong food, she isn't worried about the calories but she does want me to cut out sugars. I understand the cakes and sweets, but I didn't realise the cereal bars I think of as healthy are actually stuck together with liquid sugar. So I will try.

I need to do more exercise and I need to try harder but as I look back over the year it has been a great success.

To me the highlights have been trying new things, enjoying being in pictures, my PADI course, activities with my daughter, climbing Auckland Bridge but most of all my wrist.

I don't intend to post here except on anniversaries.  Thank you everyone for your support

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