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Saturday 19 January 2013

The Challenge

So to try and get back on the exercise I have joined a company initiative.

My employer Fujitsu as employees to choose our charity and we selected Shelter which is for the homeless, and a few weeks ago we were encouraged to take part in the Shelter Vertical Rush and more than 250 stepped up to the challenge. Although it says Rush there is no time limit so I thought why not, let's give it a go.

Why would I want to do this? Climb 920 steps to the top of Tower 42 in central London.
  • Well first it is for a good cause
  • Secondly because I could do with the challenge, 2 years ago I couldn't climb 9.2 stairs without huffing and puffing, 92 would be OK but 920 I will have to work at (a lot)
  • Finally the answer is always 42.

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