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Sunday 25 July 2010

No Sugar

Well I am trying, I have avoided sweets, chocolates and anything obviously full of sugar but I did have a dry scone today. I am not going to be obcessive but I do need to try harder. Apart from that I have eaten better since Thursday, and am trying to avoid the 'well enjoy the big feeds' until the op.

Told a few more people today and so far., no one has said don't do it. I have even rung my mum and told her and although it was hard telling her she was the reason, she was fine with it.

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  1. Best of luck - I'll do anything I can to help you.. so shout if you need support!! have spent the last 10 years telling myself I hate eing fat too.. and I'm trying to do something about it too..different means, but same end in mind... so I know some of the challenges! TC xx