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Thursday 22 July 2010

Support Network

I don't think I can do this on my own. In fact the blog is part of that, I want to be upfront about the whole Obviously I have the friends I have mentioned who have had the same procedure and they are very supportive. One has even offered for me to stay with her for a while after the surgery.process so that I don't have to lie or hide the fact.

I have told my daughter and she is great about it, although I think she believes there is no effort involved. She also says it is worth the money if I stop snoring!

I have told my youngest sister and she is also behind it, we can see how ill my mum is and it scares us. I haven't told my mum yet but will in the next few days.

Other friends, not yet but will do as time goes on and I think I will publicly announce it just before or after the actual surgery. I did tell a male friend today but he has always been someone I could talk to. Next up is another very supportive friend.

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