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Sunday 13 February 2011

Oops - Hit The Sidewalk

I want to say pavement, but I am in The US so it has to be sidewalk.

My friend's foot captured as I fell
Last week in Chicago, it was freezing, I mean really, really cold. I met a friend for lunch downtown and went to take a photograph, and tripped on the sidewalk, and went down, not very gracefully face first. I laughed about it later, that it was so cold it didn't hurt until I defrosted.

I was not badly hurt, a small cut on my eyelid, a very sore lip that I bit and bruised, and bled a lot but really just looked like a large cold sore. Grazed knees like a 5 year old in the playground, and a lovely bruise on my right shoulder. The only problem it gave me was drinking, I had to use a straw for a couple of days.

So if it wasn't bad, why am I writing about it here, and what has it to do with my diet?

Well 4 or 5 years ago I fell down some steps in Amsterdam, just 5, and landed on my outstretched arm. I broke my wrist in several places and ended up with pins, wires and bone grafts. It still gives me issues today, and I am convinced it was all the weight that landed on that hand. If I weighed the 55lb extra when I fell in Chicago, that may too have been more serious. Another reason why this is good.

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