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Monday 15 August 2011

Another Update From My Virtual Coach

Thank Goodness I signed up to the GCC, not perfect but it is a goal to strive towards. This is the latest update:

We know that the average adult is only taking around 3,000 steps per day. That's only enough to burn off about 120 calories or 502 kilojoules.

To date, you've walked 11,284 steps daily which is burning 1,895 kilojoules. This is already 275% higher than the average adult. A superb result and one that your body will thank you for, if it hasn't already.

Not only that, but GCC participants are often amazed when I compare their daily performance to that of regular gym-goers. For example, based on your current step average, a regular gym-goer would have to complete 56 minutes on a cross-training machine to expend the same amount of energy as you are currently burning off every single day! Now that's something to be very proud of!

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