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Thursday 13 January 2011

Inspiration from Others and a Trade Secret

I have spoken about how my motivation for this blog was to inspire me and to soak up the support from friends.

A few days ago a friend who is embarking on his own weight loss journey decided to create his own blog and plagiarise my first posting. I say that with a big smile on my face because in our line of work plagiarism is a very serious issue and normally would kill any credibility we may have, but here it is not only an honour (which Chris is how we spell it in the real world), but a real inspiration to me.

Today Chris posted this about how 'fat' people are not taken seriously. Not only do I agree with him but I am living proof. I have to prove my ability first and work at least twice as hard to be taken seriously. I know one former colleague I used to get so angry with that was taken more seriously than me and yet I knew I deserved more, but it isn't her fault I was fat.

Thank you Chris, for your support, your posting and I wish you every success in your endeavour.


  1. Colour with a "u"? Honour with a "u"? Way too much for Americans to understand :), although I am with you Brits with the pronunciation of the word "schedule".

    One other thing - "bollocks" is bad, but the "dog's bollocks" is great? What's up with that?

    - Chris_O

  2. I spotted 'grey' in another post. Being a new Yank I'm confused by all this vocab I no longer understand. However, I still can not say 'erbs' and none of my new brethren can tell me why we say 'erbs' but not 'orses' or 'ere'?
    Debra, you look awesome, congratulations and ope to ear from you soon.