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Monday, 25 April 2011

The Biggest Challenge

In January I shared my big project, the challenge to take on diving. Well I would have loved Dan to be my instructor but logistics and time don't make that possible. Time slips away so quickly and it was beginning to look simply like a good idea or a pipe dream, I had to take it in hand and just get on with it.

I realised that this week would be ideal, in N Ireland we have Easter Monday and Tuesday off (we work Good Friday), and then we have another day Friday for the Royal Wedding. So I went on the PADI web site and searched for course this week. A few ideas came up and I selected one in Gran Canaria (Spain). I spoke to the divemaster Brian and he was really, really helpful. The upshot is, I am now at Gatwick airport flying this afternoon.

My dive course starts tomorrow morning and all being well I finish lunchtime on Friday, returning to London on Saturday. Four days between me the coward and achieveing something I would never have dreamed off. I wasn't going to tell Dan but in the end, couldn't keep quiet about it, so noww I HAVE to pass.

I am really, really nervous, haven't read enough of the manual, have a sore throat caused by tiredness, but I will do this, I will. I will.

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