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Saturday 9 April 2011

Not My Most Positive Post

Most of my postings are positive, and I am having a great time, but occasionally I get disheartened as the weight loss is very little day by day, or even week by week. But I can manage that, I feel good and look good.

However I had a bad time a few weeks ago and again earlier last week, with a mild case of dumping syndrome. At first I thought it was a bug, but once I realised it wasn't I was able to as it says, quickly learn how to avoid it. In my case I think it was beer and then chocolate, and it is a pretty good reason not to eat too fast or too much carbs.

Not my nicest posting but I did promise to share everything. However there is a laugh in it, when I lived in Germany I learnt the word for this 'durchfall' and I have to say, literally translated means 'straight through', very descriptive. 

For obvious reasons, no pictures on this post.

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