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Saturday 9 April 2011

Unexpected Health Benefit.

This weight loss challenge was meant to improve my health, and it has, I have so much more energy, get out of breath less often and if I do, recover so much quicker, and I have so much more energy. A few years back as a massive Home and Away Fan I climbed to the lighthouse at Stewarts Point outside of Sydney and it nearly killed me. Not convinced I could run up there but my I would to try it again.

But I have had one health benefit I didn't expect.  Several years ago I broke my wrist, in a coffee shop in Amsterdam ( but that story is not for this professional blog). Thanks to an amazing surgeon and a phenomenal, if sadistic physiotherapist I regained more movement than either expected. However when using my wrist, I did get aches that lasted all day. Swimming was particularly bad, and I had all but given up dressmaking which was a hobby I loved.

Not sure why, Perhaps my wrist is not so tight now and that is the reason and I don't have anymore movement just a lot less pain.


  1. Rian (my health freak wife - her own words ;) ) says fat tissue increases the inflamatory response of the body, including joints. So, less fat tissue, less pain. Good for you! Keep up the good work! Does this also mean that we're not safe on your left side ;)?

  2. Thank you Alex and Rian, and Alex I hadn't thought about that, perhaps we will see in June