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Sunday 1 August 2010

All You Can Eat

Today I had lunch with a big family group, I was visiting my mum and there were several others around and in total there were 11 of us.

I looked around the table and none of us were small, although a few were not what I would call fat. However we all fell into the 'All You Can Eat' trap, of eating far too much. Each plateful looks OK, it is just you can go back and eat more.

Then you start to notice the other people in 'Glutony Central' and most were really big, and our conversation turned to how much people were eating, and the height of the food on their plates. In some perverted way it made us feel good because however much we were 'pigging out' it was nothing compared to many of those around us.

As I thought about it, I felt sick, physically sick. Please let this work.

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