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Tuesday 31 August 2010

The Challenge I Look Forward To

To succeed I need little steps and little challenges.

*   The first diet, the liver diet to actually have the operation.

*   The first 5Kg, the first 10Kg.

*   The first day in the gym, and the first time my clothes need replacing.

But I also need a big challenge, not just reaching the 76Kg (!) but something fun. I said I wanted to take part in sport with my friends. I said they ski and the dive. I can't ski and won't be able to. A few years back I badly broke my wrist, perhaps if I hadn't been so heavy the damage would have been less but it was a mess. It was thanks to a brilliant surgeon and even more fantastic physiotherapist put back together, but it will never be the same and can't be fixed a second time. So any sport where I could fall and automatically put my hands out, skiing, ice-skating are out. I am not sure I could actually hold a ski pole for very long either.

Exercise will also be a challenge, I will have a personal trainer to get started and I will go back to the physio to see what he suggests. I can carry heavy weights in my hand but can't lift or pull with it, so need a little help with that.

But today I made the pledge to dive next year with friends. And I am very excited about it already.

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