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Thursday 26 August 2010

What An Inspiration

I am on holiday this week with my friend, who had the operation earlier this year. She has lost 4 1/2 stone but more importantly her BMI has dropped from 39 to 27; healthy is between 22 and 28.

I knew she had done well but she wouldn't let me see any photographs but what rally worried me was if she had changed. We are 'ladies that lunch' and I was worried she would be like a reformed smoker and keep telling everyone she couldn't go out and put herself in the way of temptation. She hasn't we go out enjoy ourselves and she eats what she can, she can actually eat too much especially if it is the wrong food, it isn't a magic cure, but she has changed her approach to food completely.

She had an appointment with the doctor yesterday and he was so pleased with her, she could lose a few more pounds if she wants but he is more interested in her being the same in six months. The exercise is the most important now.

She is an inspiration, she looks fantastic, she walks much better and she has so much energy. I can't wait for it all to start.

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