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Tuesday 31 August 2010

I have a confession

I know a lot of people, well more than 6 who have had this operation. I suppose that is because I am friends with people who have the option because they can, and if it is a priority, afford it.

A few had the operation a few years back with mixed results and at that time I had no interest in it. My friend had it earlier this year and I have to admit it made me think about it, but I still didn't think it was for me. Then when I realised how ill my mum was and seriously thought about my own health and to go for it, I was quite excited. I met my friend's sister for lunch one day and before I got the chance to tell her, she announced she was having the same op. I have struggled with including her in this blog, I know how important it is to her and I support her every step, but I don't want people to think it is a bandwagon I have just jumped on. We are all doing it for different motivations and it is not just an expensive hobby. So I am sorry I had mixed feelings, I am so proud of them both.

She had the op two weeks ago, so I have spent the last week with the start and finish of the process, and I am still happy to go ahead.

I will be doing my first two weeks post op with them, not just because they know how I will feel, but because they have a blender!

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