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Tuesday 31 August 2010

Oh Dear

The last two weeks have been very busy, I have been travelling for work and had my annual beach holiday with family and friends. Lots and lots of food on offer and I have to say I have eaten far too much.

For 4 weeks after I visited the doctor I did stay off the sugar, but there have been cakes in this last 2 weeks. I will try and knock that on the head again now. I have however stopped any alcohol and am now over 2 weeks into that. It started with me having too much to drink and saying 'never, ever agian', but when I thought about it, I have to stop 2 weeks before the operation and for at least 6 weeks after, so better to stop now.

When I have eaten too much, I have felt very guilty. It isn't a case of 'my last chance', I am not feeling like that at all. it is simply a lack of will power. However my friend has been around the last week who had the op earlier in the year, and although she can eat more than I expected, she has shown me you can eat out, enjoy and eat sensibly.

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