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Sunday 31 October 2010

Bored Now

Apart from being ill and then just so tired, all I have had to worry about is what to eat. You start with a very strict diet of pureed food and then slowly reintroduce other consistencies until at about 6 weeks you can eat anything (just less of it). However you do need to make sure you have enough units of protein, carbohydrates, fruit, vegetable and calcium.

At the moment (about 2 ½ weeks) my stomach is still healing, and so you feel full even quicker, and if you eat too much you feel bloated and full. The hospital say use a ramekin dish as a portion and that is fine in the house, but in a restaurant, it is hard to tell how much of the tureen of soup served is enough. On both occasions this weekend, (once at a dinner where I was served soup and the other 199 guests sent to a self service buffet), and again yesterday, I have eaten too much. Being full and uncomfortable after soup is not something I expected.

Apart from the liquorice I have been very good. I have tried to introduce other things but am not as patient as I think I should be. I am also learning, like the fact that low fat cheese does not melt, it simply becomes plastic. I can laugh but in itself it is another good lesson, I don’t need to eat processed so called diet products, I can eat the real thing, now the portion size is smaller.

I have also developed an affinity with babies; this pureed stuff is not very exciting at all. Take a lovely meal of new potatoes, gorgeous ham, tomatoes and cheese and it looks like something regurgitated. 

I also need to learn that I can’t drink (even water) at the same time as eating yet. What I need to learn first is patience; roll on 6 weeks.  All moaning aside, I do feel better and my skin is less dry already. 

And the big rest is now over, back to work on Tuesday, where I will juggle food unit counting between all the catching up.

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