Follow Me In My Determination To Change

I thought if I shared my journey I would be more likely to succeed.

Wednesday 29 September 2010

The Big Numbers

First stage starts tomorrow, the liver reduction diet.
So today I took the measurements. Look away if you are easily offended:

127 Chest
127 Above Waist
124 Waist
132 Below Waist
122 Hips
66   Thighs
45   Calves
43   Upper Arms

All in centimeters.

Tuesday 28 September 2010

Even More Determined

My mum died yesterday. She has been really ill for over a year with very poor life quality, but it was still not expected.

Weight played a huge part in her ailments and recovery although yesterday as we waited for the end to come she seemed so small.

So my motivation to avoid the health problems she had is stronger now than ever, she supported my decision and I will do it in her memory.

Saturday 25 September 2010

Feeling Good

Having given up drinking alcohol 6 weeks ago, 2 weeks at a conference in the US was going to be a big challenge. But I did it, not drink and still had lots of fun. It isn't that I am boring just need to stay off alcohol during the two weeks before and the 6 weeks after.

So < 3 weeks to go and the liver reduction diet starts on Thursday. now that will be a challenge

Friday 17 September 2010

I am Humbled

Yesterday a friend, who I have met through my work shared their secret with me. My surgery is pretty minor to theirs and it humbled me.

However to me, as an individual this is my biggest ever challenge and I have to give it my all.

In life we need to learn to take things on completely and not a half hearted attempt, thinking of my friend and their challenge will keep me going when things are tough.

Tuesday 14 September 2010

Two Weeks in the Land of the Big Meal

just over 4 weeks to go and I am in the US, the land of the big meal. Last night I ordered soup and it came with almost a loaf of bread, not to mention the half pound of cheese.

I am here for business at a conference and there are many lunch and dinners planned, I need to try and pace myself.

Saturday 4 September 2010

What Does 42 Kg Look Like?

What does 42Kg look like? I am a visual person, I like to be able to visualise a problem or a task. In my job I often use visuals to explain something. I have a good friend who is a fantastic educator and he was giving examples of small incidents that grow into big issues. I gave him an example and he came back with a phenomenal visualisation and a mathematical equation to describe it; did I say he was also an ACE at Math? Anyway, I want to be able to visualise how much weight I need to loose now and as I go through the process how much I have lost.

It might not even be 42Kg the doctor has not given me a figure yet, this is my target but it may be more, but for now lets stick to 42. (I like that number).

What does 42Kg look like? In the UK domestic travel on airlines normally allows you 20Kg, so we are talking two suitcases full. but that is hard to visual a steady weight loss; I need smaller units.

What does 42Kg look like? Not sure what the supermarket thought I was doing, but on a whim Wednesday evening I ordered 42Kg of food to be delivered. I thought I could have a photo now of 42Kg and then two piles as I start the weight loss to show visually how I am doing. What did I order? well basically cheap food that will not go off over the next 9 - 12 months in small enough units to meet my needs:

           10    1.5Kg    bags Plain Flour               15Kg
           10    1.5Kg    bags Self Raising Flour     15Kg
             5    1 Kg      bags of Rice                       5Kg
             5    .4Kg      tins of tomatoes                  2Kg
           10    .3Kg      tins of peas                         3Kg
             8    .25Kg    packs of Lard                     2Kg

No I am not cooking pea and tomato pasties, just 'cooking up' a picture of how much I have to loose.


Thursday 2 September 2010