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Saturday 2 February 2013

Half Way There But a New Problem

So how is the training for the Shelter Rush going?

I have now done the 241 steps in Bracknell 5 times, but more importantly last time I did it twice in quick secession, 241 steps, lift (elevator) back down and straight back up.

So that is more half what I need to do on the day. But it was hard. Then next time I swam, which I like to do my right knee started to hurt. I think the problem is that I swim only breast stroke and that uses the knew a different way to how it is used to climb stairs.

So I will stop swimming until after the rush and hope I am OK.

Next weekend I am off to Denver for Altitude Training (hehe not really I am going to speak at a conference). The hotel has 38 floors, not sure how many steps that is but close to what I need I am sure.

So fancy sponsoring me's-vertical-rush.aspx