Follow Me In My Determination To Change

I thought if I shared my journey I would be more likely to succeed.

Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Just spent 5 nights in my house which in itself is a record this year. Being in my house, is my biggest risk because I just raid the fridge all day.

But I have survived, of the 3 full days only Sunday was not good (and it wasn't too bad), the rest have been great and the exercise has made up for any slips.

I have done 3 lots of 8km and 1 of 10km on the cross trainer and a 6 mile walk along the coast (on the highway to health)  plus walking around shops (the best exercise) twice.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

The Numbers

So today is a new day, first in my kick start, and to motivate me I have measured myself for the first time since before the operation: Looks good.

Friday, 27 May 2011

Not a Bad Week

As well as a positive day with the doctor, it hasn't been a bad week.

I stayed in a hotel for 3 days that has a nice pool, 17 metres long which for 42 laps is almost 3/4 km. I swam every morning I was there, and this morning in my own home I did 8 km on the crosstrainer before I went to work.

This evening I spoke to my friend who had the operation 9 months before me. She says she doesn't want to loose another ounce which is a fantastic thing to hear. She talked me through her hard times and I know it is all worth it. I feel great and look good. I just want to get a bit further.

A Hug From The Doctor

Yesterday I had my 6 month check up with the bariatric surgeon. It was actually nearer 7 months as I postponed it due to my diving trip.

First I saw the dietitian and she measured all my fat, which has reduced from 51.8% to 39.7%, she was very pleased. However I am a bit low at present, although overall I have lost 32Kg or 67lb I have lost nothing for 6 weeks. I haven't been perfect with the eating or exercise and not losing anything is a demotivator, but I have signed up to the GCC challenge to kick start, so I will get there.

The doctor, was even more encouraging and walked around his desk and gave me a hug. He told me I had done really well. So I felt a bit better.

Anyway I did leave with a smile on my face. My daughter had come to meet me at the hospital and I had a bag from home for her which included an easter egg someone had given me for her. Only she could eat a cadburys Cream Egg in a Bariatric Clinic waiting room full of people with weight problems. I love her.

Love This

On Monday I had to have my photo taken for a magazine cover (I know that sounds really glamorous and I am proud of it, even if there is only about 4000 printed).

Anyway, it was taken in a shopping centre and the photographer had me laughing and posing for ages. I loved it, especially as people shopping thought I must be famous and started waving at me.

Anyway I am really pleased with the photos and will share the final one with you when it is published. A year ago I would have refused to do it.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Judgement Day

This Thursday I go back to the surgeon, for my 6 month check up. It has actually been 7 months but I postponed the appointment to go diving. I weigh 86.5Kg which is a fantastic achievement but not where I want to be and nothing has changed for about 4 weeks. I am not eating as well as I should, and not doing the exercise I should I need a kick start, but I have not slipped backwards.

Corporate Global Challenge

Well taking the shoes to Australia didn't work, I didn't find time for the gym.

However I am now counting the steps Ido each day. My employer subscribes to the Corporate Global Challenge and when the invite came out I emailed a reply asking for more information, only to find a few weeks later I was actually signed up! The idea is to record no of steps you take over a period of time, you are part of a team and the online stats ensure you are motivated. This should be good for me and I actually look forward to it, perhaps it is the kicking I need. However it started last Thursday, when I spent all of it on board flights back to Europe from Australia, not a lot of walking going to be done that day! See the excuses have already started.

Wearing Pyjamas in Public!!!

Now I fit comfortably in an aircraft seat long haul isn't such a pain ( literally ) but it was nice to fly business class to Australia. It was nice because I was able to chose when I ate, so no forcing it all down knowing it may be 8 hours before the next meal, and nicer because of the lie flat bed.

Even better they gave away free pyjamas, and their smallest size M/L was really baggy on me, I know that means some small person would drown, and they did, a young woman not far from me looked lost, but don't take it away from me, I felt great. Had I not lost this weight it would have been ok, they had ones to fit BUT I doubt I would have worn them, that thickness of clothing hides very little and I would have been too self conscious.

Is it Wrong To Miss Being Big Sometimes?

I love C&A, a clothing store that closed in the UK a long time ago, but they are still in Europe and I look forward to visiting on my travels. Recently I was in Berlin and couldn't wait to shop. However I was initially disappointed, it turns out what I loved about them was their big size section! I did buy something, the dress from this recent posting but not the amount of shopping I expected.

When I was bigger, I always felt the need to buy something if it fitted because the choice was limited. Since I have lost weight I still look at these outsize ranges and now sometimes I am disappointed they don't go small enough! Also in Berlin I discovered a designer range of plus size clother, I LOVED THEM but they were simply too big - this size thing takes some getting used to.

Not doing so well

The last 3 weeks have been bad. I was travelling for 3weeks and it started off ok, idid my diving course so plenty of exercise, but then it was lots of little stays in fantastic locations and a long party visit and exercise simply went out the window. I actually typed this at 30,000' on my way to Australia which is 34 hours of absolutely no exercise. I have restricted myself to hand luggage but  bought trainers, I meed to get back into it. I haven't put weight on but I haven't  lost any either. I have to get this sorted. Too easy to slip into a bad routine.


Saying No to Champagne

I can't drink anything fizzy, the bubbles just fill my stomach with gas, and I feel full but also I'll after just a few sips.

I never drank what my american friends call soda, coke, fanta etc, even my spirits I drink only with orange or just on the rocks so no issue there.

I used to drink carbonated water, but that is now out, and when in Europe I have to remember to specifically ask as the normal is to give you the fizzy kind.

But as I have said before it is champagne I miss, I keep having another try but it doesn't work.

A few weeks ago I was with great friends in Denmark, lots of beer has been drunk and I have to turn that down as well which is sad, but no great hardship. However this time we were in Legoland and when they served the drinks before dinner I was sad to miss out on champagne, but no-one drank it. It wasn't champagne it was a mixture of almost dessert wine it was so sweet and perhaps soda. I have never seen so many glasses left almost full, especially from this group of people. For once I was happy I have said no.

So each evening I have drunk only water all evening, and then just before I go to bed, had a small whisky or brandy. Just enough to appreciate it. Life is good.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Feeling Really Good

A friend was celebrating his 50th this week, and he had very clear ideas about what he wanted. Invitations made it very clear, one party was to include Gold Lame, and another high heels and jeans.

High heels, the last time I bought stilettos was for my wedding, 26 years ago! I cant remember last time i actually wore any. however one of the nice side effects of this weight loss is that I have been able to wear more chunky heels for work, so I thought, let's make an old man happy and try the heels.

I couldn't find gold lame, not really the right time of year, but I did find a gold knotted top, so when I found this dress in Berlin I thought they would look good together. I thought I looked good and had great comments.

This time last year I still hadn’t even considered this, and certainly could not have worn and danced in high heels all evening.

I felt great.