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I thought if I shared my journey I would be more likely to succeed.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Half Way There But a New Problem

So how is the training for the Shelter Rush going?

I have now done the 241 steps in Bracknell 5 times, but more importantly last time I did it twice in quick secession, 241 steps, lift (elevator) back down and straight back up.

So that is more half what I need to do on the day. But it was hard. Then next time I swam, which I like to do my right knee started to hurt. I think the problem is that I swim only breast stroke and that uses the knew a different way to how it is used to climb stairs.

So I will stop swimming until after the rush and hope I am OK.

Next weekend I am off to Denver for Altitude Training (hehe not really I am going to speak at a conference). The hotel has 38 floors, not sure how many steps that is but close to what I need I am sure.

So fancy sponsoring me's-vertical-rush.aspx

Saturday, 19 January 2013

In Training

Now I have signed up for Vertical Rush the reality has dawned. So how do I get fit for this challenge?

I live in a bungalow so that isn't much help and most of the time the office I work in is only a few floors, but our office in Bracknell is 10 stories tall, so when I was there on Thursday I thought, let's give it a go.

Armed with a bottle of water and a sports drink, I told a colleague what I was going to do and set off to see how far I could get. His advice to me was to rest when necessary and not push myself too hard.

I walked doen to the basement and then started to climb. After 10 flights, I needed to rest, but was so pleased with myself I quickly started again. Next rest was on floor 8 and then I managed to get to the roof, 241 steps! How pleased with myself was I?

In fact I was so pleased with myself, I did it again at lunchtime :)

The Challenge

So to try and get back on the exercise I have joined a company initiative.

My employer Fujitsu as employees to choose our charity and we selected Shelter which is for the homeless, and a few weeks ago we were encouraged to take part in the Shelter Vertical Rush and more than 250 stepped up to the challenge. Although it says Rush there is no time limit so I thought why not, let's give it a go.

Why would I want to do this? Climb 920 steps to the top of Tower 42 in central London.
  • Well first it is for a good cause
  • Secondly because I could do with the challenge, 2 years ago I couldn't climb 9.2 stairs without huffing and puffing, 92 would be OK but 920 I will have to work at (a lot)
  • Finally the answer is always 42.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Why Am I Back?

Hallo Again

So why am I back?

• First being open about how I was doing was a real help when doing through the whole process. And I need some more help

• I did say I would give an annual update and I haven't

So How am I Doing?

Well at my best I had lost 33Kg, but and I am really sad I have put 8 of that back on. Just over the stone in old money. However that is over 20 months. The problem is not how much I eat but how often, what crap and being lazy. So time to do something.

Eating Too Often.........This is simply boredom. When I work at home, it is easier to go to the kitchen and find something to eat than to get on with it. I think the medical term is procrastination. So I need to keep busy.

Eating Crap........... This is down to shopping. If I shop when I am happy and busy I dont buy crap. Most people think my lifestyle of being on teh road all teh time is the problem, but actually I am worse at home.

Being Lazy............. Code for not enough exercise. So I am trying to do 30 minutes a day of something. I am trying to walk in London instead of taking the tube and that is working well, walking to the village and taking the stairs (more about that in next posting). Again hotels are actually easier, and in some I can swim.

So restarting the blog till I get rid of this. It helps.

Friday, 18 November 2011

The Good and The Bad

Yesterday I went to see the doctor for my 1 year check up.

The bad news was I weighed 1/2 kg more than last time - but I had just spent 28 nights in hotels and that was pretty good. Over all I have lost 33 kg, I did have a target of 40 kg but I am happy with where I am.

The doctor was really pleased and said the fact that I has stabilised for so long he didn't need to see me again. We had a lovely chat about the changes it had made to my life.

The dietitian is still worried I eat the wrong food, she isn't worried about the calories but she does want me to cut out sugars. I understand the cakes and sweets, but I didn't realise the cereal bars I think of as healthy are actually stuck together with liquid sugar. So I will try.

I need to do more exercise and I need to try harder but as I look back over the year it has been a great success.

To me the highlights have been trying new things, enjoying being in pictures, my PADI course, activities with my daughter, climbing Auckland Bridge but most of all my wrist.

I don't intend to post here except on anniversaries.  Thank you everyone for your support

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

What Have We Done?

My friend and her sister have had this operation, her daughter and mine are best friends. Both the girls are beautiful, and slim, but both also know it is because they are active; if they get lazy they notice the few ( and only a few) extra pounds. The four of us had a wonderful mother and daughter few days this summer and both mums were so much more fun than ever before, taking part in everything and up for anything.

Then one night the girls told me they had discussed weight loss surgery. I was horrified, what have we done? They said that they would do it now, as a precaution, an immunisation against it happening in the future. They don't want to be like we were, and although they love what we have had done, if they did it now they wouldn't have the flabby skin!

I worry about models who are a bad influence on young girls, I am no better, luckily after a heart to heart they backed away from the idea.

See Saw Dieting

Lots of people call themselves see saw dieters, put on a few pounds, loose a few, put them ( and sometimes more) back on, and life is a constant shift between the two. I wasn't really like that, yes I tried but not all the time and I was pretty constant with my "natural" weight.

So the see saw? Well that is my emotions. It is just over a year since the op, and I have lost almost 33kg, amazing and I should be and can be so pleased with it. But I need a bit more and nothing has really changed in almost 4 months on the scales; then I have high days when I feel great, people tell me how great I look, I feel full on energy and want to try new things.

When you see me, give me a hug and make sure it is a high day. I need to take myself in check and try a little harder to finish the job.