Follow Me In My Determination To Change

I thought if I shared my journey I would be more likely to succeed.

Monday 21 March 2011

Another Photo

Not the best photo, but shows my dress full length. I really am pleaseed.


Sunday 20 March 2011


Whilst waiting for my flight on Wednesday I used a machine in Amsterdam airport. It says 88.4Kg but I did have some clothes on, so for the sake of argument lets say 88kg, that is 30Kg less than the 118Kg I started at This is brilliant, and never thought I would get here.

More importantly is the other readings, normal blood pressure, normal heart rate, although to be fair they have never been an issue, just waiting for problems.

But BMI of 28.5, coming down, coming down.

Makes it all worthwhile.

Sorting Out My Life

I spent last weekend sorting out a library for a great friend. It was one of those jobs you wish you had never started, at one stage I had pulled over 1,000 books out and felt I was never going to get them sorted into sections, and then into the right order. However I did, it was amazing exercise and must have done me a lot of good toning wise, but it also made me think.

Like my friend knew his library needed doing he kept putting it off. I knew I needed to loose weight, and I kept putting it off.

It was hard work doing the books but worth it in the end, yes the weight loss has been hard work but well worth the effort.

He can now sit back and enjoy his books, I can sit back and enjoy my new body, my new health, my new life.

What Makes It All Worthwhile

In my job, I often have to attend black tie events. I love these, I love the opportunity to dress up, but I hate to be photographed because of my size. However on this occaision I didn't care, I am not finished, I don't look brilliant, I need to do something about my arms but I dont care, I felt great.

Weights and Measures

I have tried throughout this process not to get hang up on specifics. I don't weigh myself everyday and am not paranoid about the progress as long as it is in the right direction.

But I am a little fed up with my new home scales. They weigh about 1Kg heavier then anywhere else. I don't mind except the last post was about being 90Kg and soon one about being 88Kg, which are a big boost to the cause, and then these scales take the edge off.

Except they don't really, the exercise is about being healthy and I am, I feel great. Whats 1000gms between friends?

Thursday 3 March 2011

A Few Translations and A Few More Milestones

My blog is all about Kilos.

I finished the last post with some translations as a friend asked me what 28Kg was in 'real money'.

Weight loss is now 28Kg, or 61 lbs, or 4 stone 5 1/2 lb

I started this at 118Kg, or 260lbs or 18 Stone 8 lb. I now weigh 90Kg, another milestone.

And having spent 5 weeks in the US recently, I am used to lbs, and have now hit a huge US milestone.

I now weigh under 200lb.

I still have 14 Kg to go which means I have reached 2/3 of my target.

Wow, am I proud, remind me of this next time I am down.

The Funniest Things

First, the friend issue is resolved, so back to 100% focus on the diet; but thanks again for all the support I love you people.

This week has been weird, lots of little reminders that I have come a long way:

  • Went on the tube, and had space between me and the people either side of me
  • Sat in a symposium for several hours and my bum ached, didn't have my built in cushion
  • felt muscles in my thighs (have had ones in my calves for a while
  • My shadow in a gym shower is now completely different
  • Exercised twice in one day, out of choice!
Then saw my daughter for the first time in 2011 and she had lots of lovely things to say :-)
  • Less chins
  • Narrow shoulders
  • Skinny (she lies well)
Then we went shopping, only to Primark, but we bought the same tops (not the same size), but getting there. Then she bought me new trainers! Unbelievable, 12 months ago I would have been insulted.

Weight loss is now 28Kg, or 61 lbs, or 4 stone 5 1/2 lb, I am pleased