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I thought if I shared my journey I would be more likely to succeed.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

What Have We Done?

My friend and her sister have had this operation, her daughter and mine are best friends. Both the girls are beautiful, and slim, but both also know it is because they are active; if they get lazy they notice the few ( and only a few) extra pounds. The four of us had a wonderful mother and daughter few days this summer and both mums were so much more fun than ever before, taking part in everything and up for anything.

Then one night the girls told me they had discussed weight loss surgery. I was horrified, what have we done? They said that they would do it now, as a precaution, an immunisation against it happening in the future. They don't want to be like we were, and although they love what we have had done, if they did it now they wouldn't have the flabby skin!

I worry about models who are a bad influence on young girls, I am no better, luckily after a heart to heart they backed away from the idea.

See Saw Dieting

Lots of people call themselves see saw dieters, put on a few pounds, loose a few, put them ( and sometimes more) back on, and life is a constant shift between the two. I wasn't really like that, yes I tried but not all the time and I was pretty constant with my "natural" weight.

So the see saw? Well that is my emotions. It is just over a year since the op, and I have lost almost 33kg, amazing and I should be and can be so pleased with it. But I need a bit more and nothing has really changed in almost 4 months on the scales; then I have high days when I feel great, people tell me how great I look, I feel full on energy and want to try new things.

When you see me, give me a hug and make sure it is a high day. I need to take myself in check and try a little harder to finish the job.

Mum Would be Proud of Me

A year ago my mum died, before I started this weight loss but she knew I was going to do it and she was supportive. I wish she could see me now, she would be prude of me. Look at what I have achieved:

  • 33kg that's 71lb lost. That is over 5 stone.

  • I am fitter than I have ever been and that has led to me being braver.

  • The unexpected wrist improvement

  • A new zest for life

  • > 5 dress sizes smaller and a new wardrobe

  • The desire and ability to wear high heels Feel good about myself when I dress up and therefore wear more makeup

Changing Habits

My weight is stable has been for almost 4 months and I should be happy with that but I haven't changed my habits. I eat less but I still eat crap. If I wasn't physically unable to eat too much I would be fat again.

This image really shows bad habits and why so many of us are obese. I can honestly say though that i watch very little TV now, I do spend a lot more time being active.


Having managed to do the dive course, I know I am not afraid of open water, so when coasteering was suggested I thought why not. I lived the rock climbing ( think it was the boots), the swimming was ok but I am still not fast, but I was pretty useless at the jumping. Obviously it was fright, but I wanted to do it, my legs just wouldn't move.

The first jump I finally did, but jumped two legged not just stepping off the cliff, the second I couldn't do at all and the third I had to go a little lower, so I guess 1.5 out of 3; 50% success rate.

But I loved it and also loved the wetsuit, now who would of thought they would hear me say that a year ago?

More Photos

Did another magazine shoot - I could get used to this, I like the finished product. When I was fat, I was always behind the camera, meant I didn't have to be in the pictures.

Mother and Daughter

OK it is official, I like having my photo taken now, another really big benefit of feeling less fat. And having my photo taken with my daughter who is simply stunning is the best. 

Friday, 14 October 2011

What A Difference A Year Makes

A year ago today I had my operation, I have lost 32Kg not quite as much as I had planned but I am happy. I haven't lost much for 4 months but I haven't gained an ounce.

I am happy. I am glad I did it.


Sorry I haven't blogged for a while - no problem, I haven't fallen off the waggon or anything, just simply been too busy. I have a number of thoughts written down and will try and catch up next week.