Follow Me In My Determination To Change

I thought if I shared my journey I would be more likely to succeed.

Thursday 25 November 2010

Fail, Fail, Fail

On of the factors for this route to weight loss is my lifestyle. When I am away from home I eat food that is too rich and when I am at home I eat the right food but far, far too much of it.

If this was me, I would be happy
So now nearly 6 weeks post op, I can tolerate most food but still just a little at a time. This is my busiest period of the year and I have simply failed in my effort to be good.

Last week I worked 2 days at home plus the weekend, and still vsiited the fridge every hour or so. No big deal as it only contained cheese triangles, activa drinks and very small portions of chili but it is habit and I wasn't even hungry. This week I have been at a conference and hardly ate at all, and then practically had to drag myself to bed at 7.30pm.

Big Failure, must do better

Saturday 20 November 2010

First Exercise

Six week after surgery I am supposed to start real exercise. I am in the sixth week, so not quite there yet but today I decided to cycle to the village to post some letters. It is only 2 miles there and back but there is a hill at my end.

It was harder than I expected and I couldn't tackle anything that needed me to work the stomach muscles but I did it, just had to walk up the hill bit.

So the exercise will have to start with getting fit first. still you have to start somewhere and I enjoyed the fresh air.

I Can't wake up in the Mornings!!!!!!!!

I have been on the iron supplements for a week, and yes they are helping. I am able to stay up and function later than I was but still tucked up in my bed by 10.30 each evening. The issue I have is getting up in the mornings.  I know that to many of you that is normal, but not for me. I am an early person, and do most of my work, and defiantly my best work, early in the day. Now the only thing I do well first thing is hit the 'snooze' button on the alarm clock. This might not seem a big deal, and you may just say 'take it easy, don't worry', but you see I do worry, I am a worrier.

My biggest issue is flying, I do a lot of flying, most of it is domestic travel and should be less stressful, but in the last few weeks, I haven't been able to sleep, which I crave, because I am worrying too much that I won't wake up when it is time for my flight. Yesterday my flight home was at 7am, so I set the alarm for 5am, but was awake from 3.30am making sure I didn't hit that snooze button. Just to make sure I did wake up, I also had my iPhone set (twice), the TV alarm and a hotel 'early morning call'.

So I need the tiredness to get packing, so I can go back to being alert the minute the alarm rings, and tick that worry off my list.

Almost at a Special place

Week 5 over, in some ways it has gone fast, in others it seems such a long time ago; but now 5 weeks since I had my operation and 7 since i started the weight loss. as you know my target is to drop 42 Kg and it is going well, but small incremental targets are also important. If we talk in terms of my food mountain I am working on a bag of flour a week, i.e 1.5kg or just over 3lb.

This week I have done it again and the official weigh in is 102.5Kg but that says to me that in less than 2 weeks I will go under 100Kg and that is something i would dream about. Still a long, long way (bad pun) to go, but a very important milestone.

Monday 15 November 2010

Finally Weight Loss in Pictures

I have promised this since the beginning but I have been too tired, but I had enough energy today for a to-do list and even got a few things ticked off.

This was the 42Kg I have set myself as a target.

Remember the weeks mentioned include the 2 weeks pre op liver diet

After 4 weeks I had lost 10.5Kg - one quarter

After 6 weeks 14Kg - one third

Still have a long way to go, 2 thirds or 28Kg but it looks good

Saturday 13 November 2010

Weigh In at 4 Weeks Post Op

Just under 104 Kg, 14Kg off or one third of my target! 4 weeks post op and 6 weeks after the start of the pre op diet.

This is good, still loosing even though I feel like I am eating all the time. I am eating every two hours and feel as if I never stop. I know the portions are not very big but I do feel as if it is all I am doing..... eating.

I am not doing any exercise yet, except walking. I can't do anything until the doctor gives me the all clear at about 6 weeks. However I do still have that little pain in my side but not as often, and I think it is mainly when I have been driving or sitting very low.

So everything is on track and I am getting there slowly, just what I want .

Taking Food Seriously

So today, I decided to take the food unit counting a bit more seriously. I am at home for a few days so thought I would cook a few meals properly.

I cooked traditional Irish vegetable Soup with a little chicken. Chicken in Piri Piri Sauce and Chili Con Carne; and whilst I had the oven on I baked a potato.

Then when it was all cooked I bagged it all up for the fridge and freezer. When your portions are as small as I am eating the food goes a long way.

Doesn't sound too exciting does it? But if you know me, you will know how unlike me this is. So I made a real effort and hope I benefit from it.

I Am Not The Problem

I thought I was going to blog everyday, I thought I would be on the scales every five minutes, and I thought I would have the most organised diet of any post op patient.

I was wrong, 4 weeks in and it is all I can do to finish the work day, all the things I do outside have been relegated in favour of sleep or simply doing nothing. In a previous post I went to the doctor and he said it was me being inpatient. But I have had surgery before and bounced right back so why not this time?

I did persuade him to take my blood and test to see if there was a problem, and yesterday I got a call to say, yes I do have an iron deficiency and that means the oxygen isn't getting around my body properly and yes it makes you tired. In a way I am really pleased, it means I can take an iron supplement for a few weeks and I will be OK. It is not simply me being impatient.

I can't blame it all on people not taking me seriously. I was very ill in hospital and on the last day they did say if my blood count was not good enough they would give me a blood transfusion for this very reason. however on that last day it was fine, so I got away with it. They did say to have my blood tested when the stitches came out but I forgot the paperwork on the day and they couldn't do it. I popped back into the hospital a few days later and they said I looked so much better so not to worry. perhaps if I had done it properly we would have known earlier I needed a little help.

So no big deal, I will be fine soon, and with some more energy.

Monday 8 November 2010

Doing As You Are Told!

At 2 weeks in, I thought I was great, weight was falling off and I was getting back to normal, apart from the being tired.

I went to the doctor last Thursday, my 3 week point and he said all was fine. He told me I needed to rest more and I have tried a little, but I think I have been a little too ambitious.

Over the weekend I had a pain every time I stood up, and I have to say I was getting worried. At one point yesterday my daughter thought I should go back to the hospital, but there was no ongoing pain just a sudden sharp pain that soon passed.

However today I have not had the pain, although I have been moving gingerly. Perhaps I do need to take things slower and not be in such a rush to be back to normal. I have been through too much to get it wrong now.

More About The Operation

I can't tell you how much the hospital has been good to me. The doctors made everything clear and always had time to answer questions. My surgeon Mr Michael Van den Bossche is just excellent.

You can read about the clinic here but the case studies here don't show my procedure, the gastric sleeve although they do talk about it.

Thursday 4 November 2010

Three Weeks Post Op

Three weeks today since the op and a quick check up with my local doctor. He says I am doing really well and the picture of health. so healthy he let me have my flu jab today.

I changed my Lansoprazole tablets - melt in the mouth - disgusting strawberry - makes me gag, for beautiful capsules. need to take these for a few months till the stomach heals completely.

I complained about being tired and he told me that was normal, but my lifestyle isn't, and prescribed time out at least twice a day.  He took a blood test for my benefit but doesn't expect any issues.

The nurses were full of questions neither had ever had a patient with this specific procedure before.

And best of all - weight is now -12.5Kg - just 29.5Kg to go!

Tuesday 2 November 2010

Back to Work

Today was my first day back at work. I was in London and had my laptop which I am sure got heavier as the day went on. I think I need to change to a wheelie laptop bag tomorrow.

I also thought I would walk from Baker Street to Piccadilly which was about 1.5 miles but oh my, did it tire me out.

However the biggest issue of the day logistically was food. Dinner last night was fine, Sainsburys had hot food and I had chili and rice although I hate to throw away food, it was far, far too much. I had yogurts for breakfast, then a milky coffee for a snack, soup at lunchtime and then another yogurt for the next snack. Then I had to wait till I got home for some fish. I need to plan better when I am on the road for these last 3 weeks of the post op diet.

So finally I am back in my own house. tonight I will be in my own bath and then my own bed. Heaven.

I am so tired.

However I also have to say thank you to my daughter, my extended family in Guernsey and my friends in Denmark, who looked after me and made sure my first few weeks were comfortable and relaxing.