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Saturday 20 November 2010

I Can't wake up in the Mornings!!!!!!!!

I have been on the iron supplements for a week, and yes they are helping. I am able to stay up and function later than I was but still tucked up in my bed by 10.30 each evening. The issue I have is getting up in the mornings.  I know that to many of you that is normal, but not for me. I am an early person, and do most of my work, and defiantly my best work, early in the day. Now the only thing I do well first thing is hit the 'snooze' button on the alarm clock. This might not seem a big deal, and you may just say 'take it easy, don't worry', but you see I do worry, I am a worrier.

My biggest issue is flying, I do a lot of flying, most of it is domestic travel and should be less stressful, but in the last few weeks, I haven't been able to sleep, which I crave, because I am worrying too much that I won't wake up when it is time for my flight. Yesterday my flight home was at 7am, so I set the alarm for 5am, but was awake from 3.30am making sure I didn't hit that snooze button. Just to make sure I did wake up, I also had my iPhone set (twice), the TV alarm and a hotel 'early morning call'.

So I need the tiredness to get packing, so I can go back to being alert the minute the alarm rings, and tick that worry off my list.

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