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Thursday 25 November 2010

Fail, Fail, Fail

On of the factors for this route to weight loss is my lifestyle. When I am away from home I eat food that is too rich and when I am at home I eat the right food but far, far too much of it.

If this was me, I would be happy
So now nearly 6 weeks post op, I can tolerate most food but still just a little at a time. This is my busiest period of the year and I have simply failed in my effort to be good.

Last week I worked 2 days at home plus the weekend, and still vsiited the fridge every hour or so. No big deal as it only contained cheese triangles, activa drinks and very small portions of chili but it is habit and I wasn't even hungry. This week I have been at a conference and hardly ate at all, and then practically had to drag myself to bed at 7.30pm.

Big Failure, must do better


  1. Just catching up with your blog.. hope you're feeling better about. I know it's not same league, joined ww 3 weeks ago, as 3 months or injury has not done me any good - now when working at home all I think about is what can I eat, when, is it goo/bad...ggrr...

    On the not being able to wake up - could that be tied to any post op drugs? I'm suffering the same - but I've been told it's down to the drugs I'm taking, and as I'm being weaned off them, it is improving...

    Keep going!

  2. After the op I was very low oxygen count in my blood and became aneamic, so now on iron tablets and slowly getting better