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Saturday 13 November 2010

I Am Not The Problem

I thought I was going to blog everyday, I thought I would be on the scales every five minutes, and I thought I would have the most organised diet of any post op patient.

I was wrong, 4 weeks in and it is all I can do to finish the work day, all the things I do outside have been relegated in favour of sleep or simply doing nothing. In a previous post I went to the doctor and he said it was me being inpatient. But I have had surgery before and bounced right back so why not this time?

I did persuade him to take my blood and test to see if there was a problem, and yesterday I got a call to say, yes I do have an iron deficiency and that means the oxygen isn't getting around my body properly and yes it makes you tired. In a way I am really pleased, it means I can take an iron supplement for a few weeks and I will be OK. It is not simply me being impatient.

I can't blame it all on people not taking me seriously. I was very ill in hospital and on the last day they did say if my blood count was not good enough they would give me a blood transfusion for this very reason. however on that last day it was fine, so I got away with it. They did say to have my blood tested when the stitches came out but I forgot the paperwork on the day and they couldn't do it. I popped back into the hospital a few days later and they said I looked so much better so not to worry. perhaps if I had done it properly we would have known earlier I needed a little help.

So no big deal, I will be fine soon, and with some more energy.

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