Follow Me In My Determination To Change

I thought if I shared my journey I would be more likely to succeed.

Saturday 26 February 2011

Feeling Blue

Home from the US. Glad to be home but not a good week. I got home late Tuesday and it has taken me until today Saturday to do a decent exercise session. The scales don't show any change since I last weighed myself two weeks ago, that in itself isn't an issue, it could just be different scales, or the next plateau.

But I feel sad. I went to see my doctor about a long standing issue with my eye lids and he said "you have had an operation since I last saw you", but he didn't seem impressed, I guess he doesn't approve of weight loss surgery. However that is not the reason, I have had a row with a friend, which isn't what this blog is about, but the impact that has on my journey. I have sat here for 3 days at home, on my own and eaten, a little, a lot of times throughout the day. Binge eating in small amounts. I know I shouldn't but I just didn't care Seems surgery isn't the magic answer to everything, it doesn't cure emotions.

But last night I had a heart to heart with another friend, realised that I need to pull myself together. I went into town on Thursday, saw people I hadn't seen for a while and the comments were fantastic, and I have talked to my daughter. Life isn't that bad. I also received a parcel from another friend yesterday, a new jacket, in a UK size 16 (US 12), I would never have expected to be able to fit into that before. So I will pick myself up, and smile. It is a long journey, not always straight, but the trick is to keep your eye on the goal.

Saturday 19 February 2011

Wierd Feeling

I spent this week at a conference. Not one I am organising, but I spoke a few times. I wore heels, which is something I have not done for a long time and certainly not for 3 days in a row.

Often at conference there is a massage therapist for de-stressing and I tried that. Although I found the woman weird, even weirder was that I could feel my ribs and hip bones.

Funny little things that make me remember I am loosing weight.

Sunday 13 February 2011

New Town, New Treadmill

I am currently on my long trip to the US. For the past two weeks I stayed with a friend in Chicago and now I am with other friends in Denver.

I have now been in the US for 28 days and have managed 30 minutes of real exercise for 26 of them. I am really pleased with myself.

In Chicago they had a treadmill and they do here in Denver as well. I feel like the treadmill queen. I still don't run very fast, in fact I am still mostly walking very fast, but I am getting there, and running with weights in my hands and enjoying it. So hopefully the Doctor will be pleased.

Oops - Hit The Sidewalk

I want to say pavement, but I am in The US so it has to be sidewalk.

My friend's foot captured as I fell
Last week in Chicago, it was freezing, I mean really, really cold. I met a friend for lunch downtown and went to take a photograph, and tripped on the sidewalk, and went down, not very gracefully face first. I laughed about it later, that it was so cold it didn't hurt until I defrosted.

I was not badly hurt, a small cut on my eyelid, a very sore lip that I bit and bruised, and bled a lot but really just looked like a large cold sore. Grazed knees like a 5 year old in the playground, and a lovely bruise on my right shoulder. The only problem it gave me was drinking, I had to use a straw for a couple of days.

So if it wasn't bad, why am I writing about it here, and what has it to do with my diet?

Well 4 or 5 years ago I fell down some steps in Amsterdam, just 5, and landed on my outstretched arm. I broke my wrist in several places and ended up with pins, wires and bone grafts. It still gives me issues today, and I am convinced it was all the weight that landed on that hand. If I weighed the 55lb extra when I fell in Chicago, that may too have been more serious. Another reason why this is good.

Sunday 6 February 2011

Mmm, Not my best day

Last night for the first time since August, I got drunk. It has taken me a long time to get back to having a social drink, and to be fair I wasn't too bad. I had 4 rums, each started in a shots glass and moved into a bigger glass over ice, so nothing horrendous, and I had a great time. I don't regret the pirate evening at all.

However we did nibble on pretzels to soak up the alcohol and probably ate too many of those. If I sit down and eat a meal, the quantity is limited, I feel full and all is OK. If I graze over a period of time, I can consume much more and this is the unhealthy bit.

This morning, once I finally got out of bed, I diligently worked every pretzel calorie off on the treadmill, sweated like a pig and finally after my shower felt human again. So a wasted diet day, but an evening of fun. Must learn from it, and quickly, today is the Superbowl.

Wednesday 2 February 2011

Goodbye Obesity

When I started this journey I was 118 kg which gave me a BMI of 38. 

BMI ranges are 20- 25 healthy, < 30 overweight, < 35 obese, < 40 clinically obese which is what I started at. I quickly moved to the obese bracket and now I am very pleased to announce I am no longer obese, simply overweight. I am ecstatic and well on my way to healthy.

The Continuing Support of My Friends

After yesterday's posting I had a few tweets from friends, here is a selection:

  • you look gorgeous! I guess I need to start working out to catch up!
  • Miss Debra, Love the pics! You look marvelous!
  • btw, looking great!
  • WOW!
With comments like this, you can see why the support I have is so important to me and the reason this is working. Thank you everyone.

Tuesday 1 February 2011

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

I am getting a buzz out of the exercise now, and really enjoying it. It takes a lot of planning as normally it means getting up even earlier to fit it in.

The week before last I swam every day, last week my hotel did not have an indoor pool but it did have a gym and so I did the cross trainer every day. This week I am at friends and they have a treadmill, so that is my exercise this week.

This photo is me wearing one of my collection of 'giveaways' that never fitted. I feel great.