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Saturday 26 February 2011

Feeling Blue

Home from the US. Glad to be home but not a good week. I got home late Tuesday and it has taken me until today Saturday to do a decent exercise session. The scales don't show any change since I last weighed myself two weeks ago, that in itself isn't an issue, it could just be different scales, or the next plateau.

But I feel sad. I went to see my doctor about a long standing issue with my eye lids and he said "you have had an operation since I last saw you", but he didn't seem impressed, I guess he doesn't approve of weight loss surgery. However that is not the reason, I have had a row with a friend, which isn't what this blog is about, but the impact that has on my journey. I have sat here for 3 days at home, on my own and eaten, a little, a lot of times throughout the day. Binge eating in small amounts. I know I shouldn't but I just didn't care Seems surgery isn't the magic answer to everything, it doesn't cure emotions.

But last night I had a heart to heart with another friend, realised that I need to pull myself together. I went into town on Thursday, saw people I hadn't seen for a while and the comments were fantastic, and I have talked to my daughter. Life isn't that bad. I also received a parcel from another friend yesterday, a new jacket, in a UK size 16 (US 12), I would never have expected to be able to fit into that before. So I will pick myself up, and smile. It is a long journey, not always straight, but the trick is to keep your eye on the goal.

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