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Saturday 21 May 2011

Saying No to Champagne

I can't drink anything fizzy, the bubbles just fill my stomach with gas, and I feel full but also I'll after just a few sips.

I never drank what my american friends call soda, coke, fanta etc, even my spirits I drink only with orange or just on the rocks so no issue there.

I used to drink carbonated water, but that is now out, and when in Europe I have to remember to specifically ask as the normal is to give you the fizzy kind.

But as I have said before it is champagne I miss, I keep having another try but it doesn't work.

A few weeks ago I was with great friends in Denmark, lots of beer has been drunk and I have to turn that down as well which is sad, but no great hardship. However this time we were in Legoland and when they served the drinks before dinner I was sad to miss out on champagne, but no-one drank it. It wasn't champagne it was a mixture of almost dessert wine it was so sweet and perhaps soda. I have never seen so many glasses left almost full, especially from this group of people. For once I was happy I have said no.

So each evening I have drunk only water all evening, and then just before I go to bed, had a small whisky or brandy. Just enough to appreciate it. Life is good.

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