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Saturday 21 May 2011

Wearing Pyjamas in Public!!!

Now I fit comfortably in an aircraft seat long haul isn't such a pain ( literally ) but it was nice to fly business class to Australia. It was nice because I was able to chose when I ate, so no forcing it all down knowing it may be 8 hours before the next meal, and nicer because of the lie flat bed.

Even better they gave away free pyjamas, and their smallest size M/L was really baggy on me, I know that means some small person would drown, and they did, a young woman not far from me looked lost, but don't take it away from me, I felt great. Had I not lost this weight it would have been ok, they had ones to fit BUT I doubt I would have worn them, that thickness of clothing hides very little and I would have been too self conscious.

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