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Sunday 8 May 2011

Feeling Really Good

A friend was celebrating his 50th this week, and he had very clear ideas about what he wanted. Invitations made it very clear, one party was to include Gold Lame, and another high heels and jeans.

High heels, the last time I bought stilettos was for my wedding, 26 years ago! I cant remember last time i actually wore any. however one of the nice side effects of this weight loss is that I have been able to wear more chunky heels for work, so I thought, let's make an old man happy and try the heels.

I couldn't find gold lame, not really the right time of year, but I did find a gold knotted top, so when I found this dress in Berlin I thought they would look good together. I thought I looked good and had great comments.

This time last year I still hadn’t even considered this, and certainly could not have worn and danced in high heels all evening.

I felt great.

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