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Wednesday 27 April 2011


Today was day 2 of the big challenge and I am 50% through it. Still loving it despite the physical exhaustion.

The theory is fine, I am a consultant and as long as I stay one chapter ahead in the manual, all is OK :)

The breathing is great, thanks to Dan in the pool, and to think the first two attempts I thought I would never do it. My Instructor Uwe says he also likes the fact that I pause, think through a drill and then do it. Many people rush into it and then panic. I surprised myself at breathing underwater when changing regulators etc, and clearing and removing masks.

I still have two issues, one is actually swimming! I have only ever mastered breast stroke and so the swimming with fins and straight legs is so foreign to me. Uwe has suggested tying my legs to broom poles tomorrow. But I wont fail on swimming, and today I swam far more than the 200 meters needed on the surface, what I really needed was directions. They had to stop me before I reached the Spanish mainland!

My biggest issue was buoyancy control, I am almost there but they had to keep adding weight!!! Typically you need 10% of your body weight. I am now about 86Kg and yet I needed 13 Kg of weight before I could get to the bottom. That is not fair, it appears although I have physically lost the weight, no one has told my body!!!!

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