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Friday 16 July 2010

First Thoughts

I am Fat:

I have always been fat, well for as long as I can remember; it wasn’t too bad as a child and actually I was teased more for being loud than for being fat, but I was.

As a friend said once on facebook being overweight is simply > calories in than needed. So it should be simple, eat less or exercise more, or probably both.

I am Fat and Old:

I am 48 and don’t want to be Fat and 50.

I am Fat, Old and Unhealthy:

Actually apart from snoring and minor asthma I am not too bad, but my father died at 48 from high cholesterol and a heart attack, my mother has serious lung problems as a result of Diabetes and Angina and 2 of my three sisters also have diabetes. When I recently re-mortgaged my house my insurance company insisted on a full medical. On paper I am high risk. I have to say my lung capacity and weight were the only concerns, but I know I am a ticking bomb.

I am Fat, Old, Unhealthy and Bored.

I don’t do the things my friends do because they are fit, they dive, they ski and they hike. I want to do these things but pretend I don’t care. If I was thin I could ger fit and then I could join in.

I am Fat, Old, Unhealthy, Bored and Single.

I don’t think it was because I am fat, but after 25 years with one man I find myself divorced and single. I don’t want to be and this blog description would not attract anyone, so lets hope a thinner, older, healthy and fitter me would.

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