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Friday 16 July 2010

More Questions

Why Blog?

I could do it secretly and know several people who have, but I have kept secrets that just make life complicated so lets be up front, and like people loosing weight on reality TV if people are ‘watching me’ then it is an added incentive to keep going. The sponsorship for the walking I talked about in the last post also kept me going and keep my commitment.

It also means I don’t have to explain myself in person I can just send people here.

But mainly because the process of writing helps me make sense of everything.

Why Surgery?

I need something radical and I know several people who have had success (and some that have failed) through weight loss surgery.

Why This Doctor?

Well again through personal recommendation. I did try a more local clinic and after researching on the Internet contacting them through their web site. I asked for email interaction only and yet within 30 minutes had missed a call, had a voice mail left and received a text message as well as email. It all looked like it had come from a single person who had herself successfully lost weight but I would say as their spokesperson she was not actually contacting me. It was some automated process. When I replied to the text an hour later I got a ‘who is this?’ reply. Does she really send that many text messages a day?

Anyway, that was it, it may have been closer and therefore more convenient but I want to be treated as a person not simply a cheque book.

The doctor recommended to me, has a secretary who sent me booklets and a simple letter outlining how to get the process started. I rang the number and another lady explained all to me and was very helpful about arranging all the preliminaries on a day that suited me.

So now everything is set up, my appointment is July 22nd 2010 and once I have attended and made the final decision I will publish this blog.

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