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Sunday 25 July 2010

Plenty of Reminders

So I left the hospital having made my decision, told a couple of friends and I blogged for the day and settled down for the evening. Whilst flicking through the hotel TV options I found 'Big Meets Bigger', a documentary about two very obese people who go to Kuwait to see people who are even bigger! Apparently in Kuwait people are now so rich they don't do anything but eat.  Anyway someone they meet, goes to see a doctor about the same procedure as me, the gastric sleeve and he is turned away because his liver is just too fatty. He gets sent away and told to follow a strict diet and to come back when he has sorted the liver. The program doesn't say whether he ever has the operation. So dear Mr Anesthetist, I understand, I will do this properly.

I hope I have the right attitude, but one thing I will remember is the guy being told the stomach would be 25% of its original size and his reaction "So if I can eat 4 Big Macs now does it mean I will only be able to eat 1?"

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