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Wednesday 13 October 2010

Diet not that easy in a French Hotel

I am in Brussels for the 3 days before the operation, and the hotel and restaurant had more than 2 weeks notice as to what I could and couldn't eat. I know they had this because the hotel emailed me and said they didn't stock sugar free jam and could I bring my own. Looked like I was onto a winner.

Big mistake!

Cocktail reception on the first night, they offered me a I said in my last blog just a good variety of leaves but just leaves.

Breakfast yesterday, I asked for eggs boiled, they didn't have anything ready so I had to wait, and wait and today it took 25 minutes to get a soft boiled egg, obviously that includes the time they spent chasing the chickens out back.

Lunch yesterday I had to ask, and then negotiate what I could have. If you know me well I don't eat fish but I did just to have something. Steamed fish and rice, not exciting but OK. They did give me a nice fruit cocktail.

Dinner was in a hotel, very posh but oh how painful it was. For starter they gave me pate, I explained I couldnt and they said fine and took it away. After prompting someone did come and discus the main course and we agreed on steamed chicken and rice. My colleagues finished their first course and then they tried again for me, a lovely plate of grilled vegetables with.........pesto sauce, not going to work. Off they went again and another plate arrived with no sauce (I wonder if they just washed them). So as my colleagues watched me each every mouthfull, we eventually moved onto the main course.

There was discusssion about the rice, the chef called it risotto which I think contains cream or fat of somekind, but she was adamant it was only steamed, however the final plate had no rice, but some broccoli and beans. However I have to say the fruit salad was great.

Lunch today was chicken and grilled veg and it was good, I did have to wait and they did have to be reminded several times through the morning but it was good. Pity I had no fruit today.

Still only 1 meal to go!

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