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Tuesday 26 October 2010

It Is All About The Numbers

So I need to loose 42Kg, I have already explained that as an 'almost' geek, 42 is a very important number.

I intend to create a graph of my progress and update every 1 or 2 weeks. This will also be accompanied by a 'food mountain' photo.

So I had 2 weeks on the pre-op - liver reduction diet and I lost 5Kg I was ecstatic. It is not yet 2 weeks since my operation but I ave in to my friend badgering me and weighed myself on Monday. I had lost another 5.5 Kg so a total of 10.5Kg.

10.5 is exactly 25% of 42! Now I don't want you to get excited, I am very big so the first weight will always come of quicker, also I had a little bit removed, and I doubt I ate much the first few days. So this weight loss is not indicative, but it is encouraging and a great boost.

For those of you who know me through work, I may be 25% there but it is a bit like 'Half Way to Fusion' :o)

If I lose an average of 1.5Kg a week from now on which is achievable then it will take me 21 weeks (half THE ANSWER) to get to my target. That takes me till the end of March. Now again this is my target and the doctor may have something else in mind when I see him for my follow up.

But for me, my friends who like Math(s) and for all the geeks out there, the numbers are in my favour.


  1. Don't you dare say its "halfway to fusion" because as everyone knows, that's as far as you ever get with matter how long and how hard you try :-)

    I'm sure you'll do WAAAYYY better than Fusion

  2. Oh, Connor, you make me so sad..

    However, I'm thrilled for you, Debra. You were more than halfway there once you decided to do this. I'm so happy for you that you've taken this step and are doing this for yourself.

  3. For Americans, 5kg is like 800 pounds or something I think. I forget exactly--such a strange scale.

    At any rate, I'm glad for you and I suspect you'll enjoy the opportunity to replace your wardrobe a few times over the coming months.

    Can't wait until you get to try out the weightlessness of the scuba world in a few months too!