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Monday 25 October 2010

On The Mend

Gosh, didn't realise how much this would take it out off me. I am recovering at my friend's in Guernsey and they have been fantastic. 

I am looking at the big picture, I have been fat for a long time and the damage just got worse. Today I went for a walk in the late autumn sunshine here, and passed what is my favourite cottage on the island. It is a simple, traditional Guernsey stone cottage which I pass every time I walked to my favourite beach. For many years it has been left to deteriorate, to the state of almost inhabitation, but this summer someone took it in hand and slowly they are rebuilding it. By next summer it will be finished and it will be beautiful again. I hope the same can be said for me.

As for me, the first week was bad, very bad, I really never expected this. I had no energy, and would sit staring at nothing for up to half an hour before doing anything, even just getting up to go to the toilet or get out of bed. Then exactly a week later I woke up. It was so surreal, I was on a telephone call and felt awful and then suddenly I felt fine, it was like switching on the light. I would be lying if I said I was 100% I am not but now the recovery is in full swing. Not back at work for a week yet and I think that is probably the right length of time. Stitches came out today so that is another step forward.

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