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Saturday 4 December 2010

Tired and Emotional

Last week was my busiest week of the year. I should have been on a real high, it was the first time most people had seen me since the op, and I felt I looked great.

There was a lot going on and I was tired, and it got to me, and I let it. Each morning the alarm went off early, I couldn't get myself out of bed and I just lay there worrying about the day ahead. Then I got stressed and simply didn't enjoy it like I should have.

I have great friends and they got me through it, and as the last day approached I thought I would have my first drink to celebrate. Disaster. One sip of champagne and the bubbles stuck in my throat, so I tried a brandy, I could suck the ice but the brandy stayed on the top like oil on water. These were both on empty stomachs so later after food I tried red wine, which was the most successful but not really, and finally Guinness (it contains iron, it should have been medicinal); another failure.

Basically I was just tired and it set off a vicious circle, hopefully I can relax and get past this, it wasn't me and I ended up in tears one night, when surrounded by friends. I am not concerned, I know it will pass, just want it to be quick. I am a worrier but stress is a step too far.

And to those wonderful friends, who got me through it. Thank You.

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  1. No booze... no wonder there were tears ;-) & I wasn't there to drink yours!