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Tuesday 25 January 2011

A Change in My Thoughts on Flying

On Saturday I was flying, this is not a novel experience for me I fly every week but this is my first long flight since I have started to feel thinner! Daft as I flew to Dallas at the start of December but I didn't have these feelings then.

When I sat down, in economy I did not feel claustrophobic and we are not talking a lot of room, I could get the entertainment handset out of the side of my seat without actually having to stand up, but the best bit was the flight safety announcement.  Normally I switch off after " your seat belt is fasten like this and..." the next bit " adjusted like this" has never been relevant to me, I have used all of it, never needed the extra belt but not far off on some flights.

Then they brought the meal around, I ate half the meal, and normally I would put the extras into my bag or keep in the table top for later, but no more, I am not going to eat them so why keep them!

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