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Thursday 6 January 2011

I Fought it But HAD To Go Shopping

When you are fat you wear shapeless clothes, so my plan was to buy only essentials during the weight loss. friends told me that once I tried something on smaller, I would want everything new. I fought it, honest I did and first to go was trousers, they just hung. Then my basic tops that used to tell me I had reached my max weight started to look like rags, and people started to ask me to open my cardigans to see the weight loss.

So I went shopping , first for a few things in the US, and then the sales at M&S (If you don't live in the UK, M&S is our staple, quality store). 2/3 sizes smaller than when I started.

Got a little carried away with the bargains and my daughter got annoyed with me, saying 'Dont just but the same wardrobe again', she was right,  grey or black or black & grey. Then I pushed the boat out and bought a green cardigan, she said 'well done but try something not knitted'. This is just an interim wardrobe so perhaps I will be better next time.

Oh and yes, had to buy smaller underwear.

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