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Monday 3 January 2011

Take Me Away From All This

Still struggling with the procrastination and fridge visiting vicious circle and will have to go work in an office to break it.

But I do have some good news. I was worried when I wasn't loosing ANY weight a few weeks ago and then very surprised that I lost so much when I weighed myself at my friends over Christmas. when I got home it was obvious my scales had simply given up. Perhaps after so many years they have forgotten how to weigh under 100kgs! So I treated myself to a new set. I was going to blog about it and was looking for a suitable picture and came across this one.

It came from another person's weight loss blog and I found his story inspirational, he has lots of setbacks but keeps going and he is using a formula I have not come across before H.E.L.P
Here I am today and Eventually where do I want to be by Looking at the Long-Term and Planning for manageable results.

So Here I am  today I am 97kg - Eventually I want to 76Kg - Looking at the long term plan to eat less (avoiding the fridge), more exercise and Planning it for loosing 1 - 1.5Kg a week.

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