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Sunday 2 January 2011

Pigging Out

Apparently my stomach will take about 200ml of food. However yesterday I  had a pig out day my favourite answer to procrastination, especially when I am in the house on my own. - I just have one more trip to the kitchen before I start the next job.

I have a really big American fridge freezer which is such a waste, I try to fill it with good things to eat, and my stomach physically cant accept too much, but I still have this need to open the door and see what I find. This is JUST a bad habit and I MUST break it. One thing I have done is filled the freezer with ice pops. Very unexciting but only 18 calories and I know I don't drink enough water so also keeps me hydrated. Yesterday I ate about 8 of them! Unfortunately I also ate a lot of other things, again not enough to put weight on, but I know I don't need it.

What is really weird is although I know I have eaten more than I need, and I know it isn't the end of the world, I still had a day of discomfort, that feeling when you have just overeaten and nothing sits well in your stomach. Perhaps I will learn.

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