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Tuesday 25 January 2011

Spring Clean

I am not sure if it means the same around the world but once a year we in the UK traditionally have a spring clean. Cupboards are emptied cleaned and the contents sorted and replaced. Well it will soon be that time of year and as I am away for 4 weeks my cleaner who comes every other week ( tempted to say fortnightly but I know that is a very British word), has decided to do mine whilst I am away.

How my cleaner will do it

There must be a law somewhere that says the amount of clothes you have must equal the amount of closet or wardrobe space plus some. I have lived in my own for three years and I have a lot of space. When you are big where you can buy clothes from is limited and my buying mantra seemed to be, "if it fits buy it" and often I never even wore them! Anyway I had removed a lot of clothes as they became just  too big and am filling large underbed bags upstairs in the spare room. In honour of the spring clean, I went through the clothes I hardly wore and removed those that were simply too big. Oh my, rather a lot. There are now just clothes I love hanging up and a few recent purchases but I could be a lot more ruthless which after 4 weeks away and more weight loss I hope I will be.

So my spring clean means more for my sisters and the charity shop, and a very empty wardrobe for me, perhaps I will have to go shopping!

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