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Saturday 29 January 2011

Looking and Feeling Great

A common theme in my blog is the fantastic support I have had from my friends during this process. I now think of myself as thinner although still as fat. The first time a lot of my friends saw me after the operation was early December and although I was wearing new clothes I looked awful. I looked thin and gaunt.

One of my best friends was the only one against me having the op, she is probably the only one who can remember me being thinner after my daughter ( now 22) was born and she thought I looked drawn then and she didn't want me to look Ill again. I wasn't ill then I was just struggling with being a new mum and the lack of sleep. I lost the weight quickly, out it back on over 6 months, took control of myself, lost it again ( too quickly) and then put it all on when he went to the First gulf war, that was 20 years ago and my weight has stuck to within 10kg ever since.

She had nothing to worry about, I looked awful but it was nothing to do with the diet, it was the iron problem, I did look bad, I had photos taken at a conference in Munich and looked like the walking dead. Since then I have a good normal blood count, had a great rest over Christmas and started to exercise. I feel and look great. Although the weight loss has slowed right down, the shape change is so noticeable, I also have a new wardrobe.

When I walk into a room it is nice if people notice and they do, this last week I have seen people who haven't seen me at all or even just since December and the comments have been wonderful. I posted my first photos on the blog a few weeks ago, and I look and feel good. If someone who doesn't know I had surgery says something I tell them, I am not hiding it at all, I am actually proud I finally did something about it that is working. In fact the only time I am even the slightest bit uncomfortable is when I have to tell a dejected waiter that returning most of my meal uneaten is nothing to do with the food itself, I simply can't eat it all.

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