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Tuesday 25 January 2011

Glad I Kept the Goods

As I said in the last blog, I have a lot of wardrobe space, including one that stores just coats. Now the coats are in two complete groups.The ones that used to fit, and the ones with the labels still attached!

Let me explain, a few years ago I was honoured to be made part of an exclusive group in my industry. On admission I was asked my size, as it is a male dominate industry normally clothing giveaways are male, so I said XL. A few weeks later a lovely jacket arrived but it was a female cut and was never ever going to fit. Too embarrassed to admit it, it just went quietly into the cupboard, to be followed over the next few years by a long sleeved polo shirt, a Vest, T shirts and a fleece jacket and fleece jumper. All beautifully stored with their labels. I couldn't give them away because the logo is very special.

But now they fit. I need a new winter coat but I have come away with some of these items and I am going to wear with pride. Still a women's XL but they fit me.

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