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Monday 17 January 2011

First Swim - Felt Good

Swimming is the fat person's favourite sport. When you are in the water you don't weigh a lot, so I enjoy swimming. I'm not very stylish but I can swim for a fairly long time. No recognised stroke, although my daughter (who is a qualified lifeguard and swam competitively), calls it 'Old Lady Stroke' - a kind of breast stroke that does not involve the hair getting wet at all.

Now I am exercising daily, you would think swimming would be high up there, and in a way it is but I had a problem. A swimming costume is one item of clothing that has to fit, and I was having trouble finding one, but I did and today I had my first swim. I even managed to wake up and get up at 5.50am!

the actual pool

I was in a hotel and their pool is pretty good. I would guess about 15 -18 metres in length. I aimed to do 30 lengths, but that was quite quick so extended it to 40 lengths and then thought 'stupid me, the answer is 42', so that is what I did.

Really enjoyed it.

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