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Saturday 22 January 2011

One Large Suitcase

Earlier this month I treated myself to a new, expensive, large suitcase. Nothing to do with the diet exactly, although today I am travelling to the States for 4 1/2 weeks and the suitcase is full.

Funny thing is I am normally a light packer, but by the time I included all my nice new clothes, and my gym kit!!! there was so much more than normal.

My luggage allowance is 2 pieces at 23Kg each. Not being an American, I only need the one case, and when it went on the scales it was 22.6Kg, EXACTLY how much I have lost to date. That is scary, I have been carrying around all this extra weight, and I don't come with wheels. I also have another suitcase (not quite as big) to go.


  1. Ere! Are you intimating that either 1. We cant pack a bag or b. We bring too much stuff when traveling? I'll ave you know I'm now an expert at getting my bag packed to travel from Denver to some cockamamie doohicky town in the mid west. Traveling on a plane that still has propellers rather than a jet and only allows a carry on the size of a 'andkerchief. I could put a bag in the 'old but that would involve 9. aving to get to the airport earlier and iv. aving to pay for the privilege and f. having to wait for said bag at baggage claim and us Americans are not good at any of those four.
    Dang, thus 'h' dropping is hard :0)

  2. WOW! 50 pounds! Great work, Debra! Keep in going!