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Monday 17 January 2011

Sucess With A Drink

I don't need to drink, no one does, but I actually enjoy it. In August before I had my operation I got very drunk and said 'Never Ever'. I did stay off the drink as my pre op diet was coming up at the start of October and there was no need to.

However as time went on I wanted to be able to have a little drink sociably. At the start of December I tried and failed but to be fair I was very tired and emotional and probably not the best time to try.

Last weekend I was rested, happy and having fun, and a nice drink would finish it off perfectly. It is not about getting drunk, been there, done that, just about having something in my hand and being relaxed.

I love champagne but I think the bubbles are going to be an issue for a while, so my next favourite would be rum or brandy. In my first attempt I felt the brandy was too heavy, so on this occasion looked for something lighter. My friend suggested a clear snaps from Finland, and I managed it, just a very small measure but it felt good. Next evening it was Cognac and then the last evening a Captain Morgan's Rum. So I did it, I can have a very small drink, enjoy it with friends, not spoil the diet and no chance of making a fool of myself.

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